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No other elderberry taste as great as The Elderberry Fairy's.  My kids love love LOVE her fun gummies as well as the syrup.  When 2 of my 3 got the flu, her syrup knocked the flu out quickly and saved the rest of us from getting it.  Can't say enough wonderful things about her products.


I teach first grade, that means a child has some type of cootie every single day... I have not been sick all year since taking in my daily dose of syrup.


I have chronic sinusitis. I was on multiple courses of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and allergy medicines.  I have not been sick with sinus issues since I started taking her Elderberry Syrup daily.  It's easy, delicious and I'm a believer! It works!


Our grandsons attend daycare and the germs struck us hard at Christmas last year. The cough lasted 4 weeks and every antibiotics, inhaler and steroids did not clear it. One mom told us about The Elderberry Fairy and after 1 dose, the cough loosened. And after 3 days, it was completely gone! We take our daily dose of syrup now and the boys take their gummies...thank you, Leigh, for helping us to stay healthy!


As a hair stylist, I am constantly exposed to germs and viruses from clients. Every season I would get very sick for up to 3 weeks, but since starting Leigh's syrup, I have only been sick once and was better within 2 days! Many times I am well as those around me are fighting bugs. Thank God for this amazing syrup she makes! It's wonderful and I wouldn't think of starting my day without it!


Seriously, I can NOT say enough about these products! Not only are they delicious (like the BEST in Brevard...I've tried them all!) but they work so amazingly well and so quickly. I have to stop my kids from chugging the jar, but I also love that she has other options than syrup, as well. Not to mention, the owner is the kindest, sweetest person. Get to this shop ASAP!


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